Monday, December 9, 2013

Why Flickr is the best option for photos in the cloud - App Review Flickr Uploader

Now with so many people taking pictures on their smartphones, people want to have an easy way to backup their photos easily. There are many options out there but each has their own drawback. In my opinion, the most popular ones are probably facebook and dropbox. I've used dropbox for camera uploads, which works well but there is a storage limit and most people with free accounts don't have that much space. While Facebook was an early option for many people, I think we've quickly realized that automatically posting pictures to Facebook may not be a good idea (sometimes we might not want to post them publicly).

So I've been searching for alternatives to store my camera phone photos. I just learned that Flickr (from Yahoo!) is offering one TERABYTE storage for your photos. Who else is offering that? Google+ is 15 GBs and I think that's probably the closest. That's a pretty sweet deal for free.

The only issue is that Flickr alone doesn't have an auto upload/sync feature. So here comes an app to solve that - "Flickr Uploader". This app will basically do all your syncing for you and upload all your photos to Flickr. I've used it so far and I'd say that I'm pretty happy with it. It's free for 7 days and after that you need to pay a one time fee for $4.99 to get it.

If you love taking photos but HATE backing them up, then Flickr is probably the best choice right now for photo lovers and Flickr Uploader the perfect complimentary app.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Legend of Korra Season Finale Review - Finally over but a lot of WTFs

So I watched the season finale of Legend of Korra on Friday (4 episodes!! I couldn't believe it). It was awesome to watch so many in a row but I had some things I wanted to ask and post about (WARNING SPOILER ALERT)

So the ending seems pretty rushed to me in terms of how they resolve the issues. It just happened way too fast and a lot of things just started coming into play out of nowhere (hence people complaining about too many deus ex machinas).

1) WHERE DID JINORA come from?? She flew out of the Harmonic Convergence like it was no big deal and blinded Vaatu to death apparently. This wasn't explained how she did it or what the power was: which leads to my next point.

2) WHAT did Jinora do?? The show doesn't say anything - they just show her with a giant yellow orb. You might as well just say she had a dragonball.

3) If Vaatu and Raava can't exist without each other, then Vaatu wasn't really defeated right? He just went somewhere else. BUT WHERE?

4) I thought it was funny how Asami got so pissed off when Mako was kissed by Korra. Korra always gets in her way haha. It can't be fun for her. Are they even going to be together? I think Mako and Asami would make a better couple so hopefully that just continues.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Carrot Dating - "First Bribe For Date App" - How Tech Can't Solve Every Problem

So I read an interesting article in Venture Beat today by Rebecca Grant about an app called Carrot Dating. The premise is that nerdy guys who can't regularly score with attractive girls can bribe them by getting them to go on dates with them if they give them some sort of gift.

She goes in depth into how wrong this idea is so I won't repeat them but I just wanted to put some thoughts into this.

This is an example of how technology can't solve every problem in the world and that as technologists, we must recognize a limit to where tech can and cannot be in our life.

Aside from how messed up this is, I don't think it even solves these men's problem in the first place. Even if you could get them on a date with you by giving them a present, the women aren't there because they necessarily (or at all) like you but just want some material gift. Maybe it's good if you want a "short term" investment or a gold digger who just admires you for your money but I have a feeling that most people want to be loved for who they are, not how much money they make. Because in the end, if you were to run out of money, you would presumably run out of dates.

A real relationship should be based on mutual interest and being able to be your best self. In this, it's all about marketing and improving yourself as a man. Instead of thinking how much money guys should spend, they should instead think about how to make a woman attracted to them based on non-financial qualities.

My advice to these men is don't rely on a "solution" like this - the only real way to solve their dating situation is figure out how to make themselves attractive to the opposite sex. It's basically learning how to market yourself so that you can come across as confident, funny, or other traits that your target audience would find interesting. Honestly, getting a hobby would be a much better ROI than using this app.