Monday, December 9, 2013

Why Flickr is the best option for photos in the cloud - App Review Flickr Uploader

Now with so many people taking pictures on their smartphones, people want to have an easy way to backup their photos easily. There are many options out there but each has their own drawback. In my opinion, the most popular ones are probably facebook and dropbox. I've used dropbox for camera uploads, which works well but there is a storage limit and most people with free accounts don't have that much space. While Facebook was an early option for many people, I think we've quickly realized that automatically posting pictures to Facebook may not be a good idea (sometimes we might not want to post them publicly).

So I've been searching for alternatives to store my camera phone photos. I just learned that Flickr (from Yahoo!) is offering one TERABYTE storage for your photos. Who else is offering that? Google+ is 15 GBs and I think that's probably the closest. That's a pretty sweet deal for free.

The only issue is that Flickr alone doesn't have an auto upload/sync feature. So here comes an app to solve that - "Flickr Uploader". This app will basically do all your syncing for you and upload all your photos to Flickr. I've used it so far and I'd say that I'm pretty happy with it. It's free for 7 days and after that you need to pay a one time fee for $4.99 to get it.

If you love taking photos but HATE backing them up, then Flickr is probably the best choice right now for photo lovers and Flickr Uploader the perfect complimentary app.

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